Thursday, August 21, 2008

choices, so many of them

So people are asking me, "what's Aiden going to be for Halloween?" Well, honestly, he's not even 3 yrs old yet and why on earth is it so important for him to go trick or treating? Half the candy the kids get, I won't allow him to have lol. I have heard from several parents that at this age, kids can be afraid of seeing people dressed up. It's confusing to them. I don't see the big deal with it, really. However, a friend of mine wants for her kids and Aiden to go together. She likes the idea of just walking around my neighborhood w/our kids. Ok fine. I will do that, it sounds fun and Aiden MIGHT enjoy it lol.

NOW, what on earth to dress him up as? He's not into masks at all. Almost every single costume that I have seen for his age group has a mask. Not to mention, I don't want to spend $30 for a costume that he's gonna wear ONE TIME, MAYBE. SO, I had this brilliant idea to just buy him so winter pj's and dress him up like Batman. He has some summer ones that came w/a cape and he loves them. I am not sure that Aiden will like going up to strangers doors lol. We will see. He is very much a people person like his parents, however, he's gotta warm up to you lol. I guess, I need to do a survey lol. How many parents actually take their kids trick or treating at this age and how well do they do!

Off to ebay I go in search for a Batman costume/pj set. Wish me luck.

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