Friday, August 22, 2008


WHY OH WHY do toys have to be so loud? Aiden is playing a dang guitar and it's LOUD. I turn it down, he turns it up. Apparently, he wants the whole neighborhood to hear it. I have a headache and would just like to have peace and quiet. WELL, I guess if you have kids, there's no such thing as peace and quite! I shouldn't complain. He loves music. He likes to play his piano, the guitars, a flute(thanks to my cousin, Ashley-thanks BTW),his mp3 player and he loves to sing. HOWEVER, mommy's ears and head can't take it today. When daddy gets home, he better prepare himself to take over parenting duties for tonight! AND to put the icing on the cake: my aunt has informed me that she's getting him DRUMS for Christmas! OMG, I may die!!!!!

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