Wednesday, August 27, 2008

no apologies here...

I am offering NO apologies for who I am. Sorry, if you do not like the fact that I am stubborn,insanely in love w/my husband and son,a woman,a mother,a wife,a sister, an aunt,a best friend and a Christian woman that lends her ears and brain to others. I am not apologizing for being smart, for giving you advice when you ask for it; when it's not what you wanted to hear, for being opinionated(like my granny taught me),for liking chocolate and for NOT being a size 2 after giving birth to a beautiful son. I refuse to apologize to those of you that may have caught a glimpse of my breast while I breastfed my son. He had to eat, and I was the only one that could do it, sorry. Next time you see a mother breastfeeding, turn your head around and close your eyes and be thankful that she loves her child that much! It's a boob, it's part of our body, what's to be ashamed about? God created it!

I will not apologize for being blessed in all the ways I have been-great husband,healthy child, nice house,food on the table and many more. If you want those same things, get off your butt and do something about it! We've worked hard for what we have. Our marriage is not perfect-won't apologize if you thought it was and I have just burst your bubble!

I also refuse to those of you that can not stand "southerners" b/c we speak the way we do. I am proud to be who I am. Just b/c I have a southern accent doesn't make me dumb, doesn't make me an animal. It also doesn't mean that I am a smoker,eat fried foods all the time,that I am "snaggle tooth" or drink whisky all day. It also doesn't mean that I didn't have a wonderful education.

I am who I am, I make no apologies for that. I am a woman that loves,needs,prays,and nurtures. Forget about all the mistakes that I have made.Are you perfect? Doubt it. All the things you thought you knew about me, forget it. All that you need to know, is that I am who I am. Accept me for that, or go on.Either way, I will be happy b/c I am blessed and don't need any one's approval. I have what I need-Thanks be to God!


Lisa said...

Amen sista!!

henleyfamily said...

you go girl! :) I'd hate to be the inspiration for your post!!! LOL!