Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sitting here today wondering....

how to get medicine down a two year old who refuses to take it or when he does, spits it out. My son has an ear infection and was running a 104 fever. OMG it freaked me out. I know it's the bodies way of fighting infection, but for crying out loud did it have to be so high?

Now on to my "happy news" for today. We(my husband and I) had a Mother's Day dinner at our house Last week. It went really well. My cousin, Ashley, who is once again in my life, mailed me the sweetest note. Basically, she let us know that she feels blessed to have us in her life and said thanks for the dinner. Now, receiving this little not today made my heart explode. It's amazing how little gestures like these can make a person feel better. It made my day. Dealing w/a sick child is no fun. Lack of sleep and dealing w/the constant worry of "how can I make him feel better" has made me feel like a walking zombie.

ahhhhh now what's for dinner.....ugh the constant question it seems!

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