Tuesday, May 27, 2008

where does all the snot come from?

Ever have a cold and wonder how one person can have so much snot? WELL, I wonder lol. Colds suck, being sick sucks period. BUT the most annoying thing ever is not being able to breathe. No matter what you do, you are so stuffed up that you have to breathe from your mouth. Then you end up w/a dry mouth and sore throat. Dr's gave me a nasal spray, well what do you do when your nasal passages are so swollen you can not get the medicine up there? Life is hard when you are sick, but it's HELL when you and your child are sick. I swear, if it's not one thing, it's another. Aiden had an ear infection, then the day before his antibiotics were complete, he woke up w/a rash. Ruled out chicken pox, looked nothing like it at all. Dr said it was a viral rash...whatever lol. He still has it and it's driving me nuts. He now has my cold, poor baby. I hate seeing him miserable but at least he is playing and laughing. When he had the ear infection and was running a 104 temperature, all he wanted to do was lay around and cuddle w/mommy. That was so sad to see. My busy baby boy laying around not wanting to do anything.....

Oh and for anyone that may read this, I do know where snot comes from per se. Your mucus membranes makes all that "snot" to help get rid of germs and other bacteria that may enter your nose and then your lungs. If I remember correctly, you produce snot every 20min and swallow like a quart a day lol. This is the reason that as soon as you blow your nose, you just get stuffy again. When you are sick, your body goes into over drive and produces that snot like mad trying to get those germs out. It's actually one of our bodies best defenses. So much so, that our nose is the cleanest area of our bodies. And for those of you that smoke: you may notice that you get colds more than those who do not. This is b/c smoking caused the celia (the little hairs inside your nose) to decrease, so you don't have as many of those "natural filters" as one should!

Now hopefully someone has a new wrinkle on their brain lol!

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