Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life can suck sometimes

Ever felt like your whole world could just crash down at any moment? Isn't it funny how one second, you're on cloud 9 and the next you're so down that you wish life would just pause?
Why is it that marriage has to be so hard? I believe people think that just b/c you are in love w/someone that it should be easy. Well, I hate to break it to you, it's not. Relationships of any kind are hard. You have to make an effort to be friends w/someone, to stay in love w/someone. Why is it that so many people expect for you to just give up on your marriage? Why do so many just give up? I for one, can not just walk away. I can't just give up. My husband and son mean the whole world to me. It's frustrating that life can just get in the way of things sometimes. People have to work and have to live. But sometimes, it's those things that seem to get in the way of the most important thing two people can have; their marriage. It's funny how we work out butts off, to put a roof over our kids heads,food on the table,and just go through life thinking that everything is going to be just fine. Sometimes it's not. Sometimes, you have to sit down and think: what more should I be doing to make this work? If you're taking care of everybody else except your marriage, it won't work. A marriage needs "nurturing" just like that new born baby does. We often take each other for granted. We live our lives thinking that nothing can happen to us. WRONG. This past week has taught me that life can be taken in seconds, without a thought. It's taught me to cherish every single second of my sons life, to not take my husband for granted and to TELL him often that I appreciate him and love him. Can two people that really love each other really forget to tell each other that? YES, I am guilty. Every single one of my friends and family know how much I love my husband, how much he means to me and how I think he hangs the moon-all except the one person who should know. MY HUSBAND.
I was thinking the other day, we can screw up anything in this world except our kids and marriage. We do that, and nothing can take that pain away. I for one, know this all to well. So what do we do when we do screw up? Do we just move on and let it be? Do we forget about it and act like it never happened? OR do we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and figure out how to do it better? I can't just forget about it, I can't just move on, I have to try. I figure, if I don't, I will just regret it and my son will suffer the most. Life sure can throw curve balls at us. But,with my faith in God, and my faith in my husband and me, I know we will be ok. We will make it.....

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