Saturday, August 23, 2008

I hate messes!

There-I have said it, AGAIN. Why is it that every single time I try to clean, and I mean really clean this house, my son decides that I am just doing it for the heck of it? I pick something up, he drags something out. I clean up cookies out of the floor, he then gets crumbs of crackers in the floor. I mop, he spills. It's a never ending job. I fold the throw blankets up, he starts whining that he want's "dada's covers". (insert smilie pulling out it's hair here) Really, why do toddlers incist on making messes? It doesn't help my OCD at all lmao. I look around, see a mess, go to instantly clean it up, only to find 3 other messes on my way. Honestly, Aiden is not the only mess maker. JOE, my wonderful husband of almost 9 yrs does his fair share. He comes home, puts his shoes BESIDE the shoe bin and NOT in it, leaves tissues on the table beside the couch, leaves his water cup on the table beside the bed. AFTER me telling him this was big no no as his child loved to grab it and SPILL it. (insert smiling beating husband w/bat here) Why is it, in todays world, there has not been an invention made that automatically picks all your crap up? Ya know, one that would wipe aways spills,get crumbs up out of the floor, dust the furniture,and clean a toilet! How amazing would that be? HOW much more time would I have on my hand? A LOT. Imagine; I could actually read a book in less than a month, take a bubble bath w/out worring about a mess to clean up afterwards,watch a movie w/out worrying about the laundry, and not give one care about the plethra of kids that make messes in my house! Sure, I would probably then think of something else to complain about, but hey, all the kids that like to play here wouldn't here me say a million times, "pick up your mess, are you done playing w/the play dough?" That brings me to another vent: WHO ON EARTH DECIDED THAT PLAY DOUGH WAS A GREAT INVENTION? Really, it had to be a man. They don't have to clean that crap up! It sticks to everything, then dries. (insert crying,angry, losing their mind smilie here) I wish I had the little robot maid off the Jetson's! She's wonderful! In my dreams...

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