Sunday, August 24, 2008

I want some cherries darn it!

So, I go to the store tonight, you know to get the usual. Bread,cereal,fruit,and all the stuff you seem to run out of in a matter of days. WELL, my son has taken a liking to cherries. NOT the kind you can buy in the can lol. The "fresh" ones in the bag. He loves them, as do I. They are one of my favorite fruits and when they are "in season" I am sooooooo excited lol. WELLLLLLLLL, for some stupid reason, our WM didn't have ONE bag of them. SO I have to try and explain to my 2 yr old that they are out of Cherries and he won't be able to snack on them. I hate hearing, " I want some cherries mommy," when I can't give them to him. It's so not fair. I mean, he's not asking for junk for Pete's sake. HE is just asking for cherries. It makes me livid when a GROCERY STORE is out of a certain kind of FOOD that I want. (insert smilie w/red face here)

However, I do have something that may make him feel better. We Netflix and "Alvin and the Chipmunks" came. Joe and I think that he will LOVE them. He loves animals and we can't wait to watch it w/him. I doubt he sits still for that long, but just to see the look on his face when he sees them, it will be priceless! AND I got him some INVISIBLE paint tonight and I think that he will love it. At least he won't be able to paint walls with it. This stuff is awesome. AND the markers, OMG who invented this stuff? I could kiss them!!!!!

Now to my favorite part of my day lmao, BED wooooohoooo sleep! (insert boogy dancing smilie here lol)

why the heck isn't there smilies on here? SUCKS

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