Monday, September 29, 2008

After much thought...

I think Aiden will be "Handy Manny" for Halloween. It will be easy. A pair of jeans, a gree tshirt, a hat and some work boots(he already has those lol). Then I will buy the plastic Handy Manny tools. He has the plush ones but I am afraid he will lose one of them if he takes those. He did tell me that he wanted to be "ALVIN the CHIPMUNK" lol but I couldn't find the costume.

This has been a busy week for us. My family that lives in CA came home for a week. It was so nice seeing them. The girls are getting so big. Makes me sad to think of all we've missed with them. Aiden loved them, he rode a train w/Maddison and had so much fun. Our new kitty, is sick. I had to take him to the vet and have been dealing w/a sick cat. IT'S NOT FUN grrr. Joe went to Nashville this weekend to see the Titans play ball. SO it was just little ole me here w/a toddler and a sick kitten. Talk about stressful. Getting medicine into this cats mouth is like nailing jell-o to a wall. He needs a bath(for the 2nd time) and I refuse to do it by myself. He's a monster lol. I am glad he's feeling better. I was so worried about the little one.

When I get some pics, of Aiden's "choo choo train ride" I will post them. STUPID me, forgot my camera and so my little sister took pics for me. He was so proud and wanted to keep riding it. He played a game and threw a bean bag into a hole and he won a bracelet(it glows in the dark) and he was so proud of himself. My little man is getting so big. It makes me sad and excited. I can't wait to take him to ballgames,and watch him play sports!

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