Saturday, October 4, 2008

Potty Training...

Is going pretty good here lately! I got Aiden a potty training video(meant really to help parents, but he watched it w/me) and he was excited about the kids using the potty. SO, we now sing a song while he pees(hasn't pooped yet GRR). It's kinda stupid but makes him laugh.

Where's the pee pee, where's the pee pee(then usually by the end of that he is peeing so we sing...) there's the pee pee, there's the pee pee...

Then we wipe,flush and wash out hands while singing, "this is how we wash our hands..."

I also created a sticker chart and when it's full of stickers he gets a new toy. I didn't go out and buy one, I just used some scrapbooking material that I already had and taaa daaah lol. He gets excited about the stickers and every once in a while, he will get an extra treat, like some M&M's.

He told me during this video that he wanted a potty like the kids on tv. SO tomorrow,I am going to buy him his very own potty. We need one for trips anyway since he refused to use other's bathrooms/public restrooms. I can't believe my baby is getting so big!

Now on to other news:

My father in law is sick. We are not sure what is wrong w/him. He has lost 20lbs in a month and has a mass in his stomach the size of a football. He will be admitted to hospital on Monday(this is when his dr gets back in town) and he's expected to have surgery. We are nervous and worried. Please pray for my family. I am not sure how much more we can take.

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Lisa said...

Good Luck with the PTing...prayers for your FIL!