Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Almost over

It seems summer is coming to an end. As sad as this makes me, I am ready for fall. I will miss swimming in our pool and playing outside w/Aiden. He loves being outside. My allergies will not miss the pollen-that's for sho(lmao at that movie). I am ready for cooler nights, snuggled up under the covers w/Joe and Aiden. Aiden is big snuggle bug. Loves covers and pillows just like his mommy and daddy. I am ready for pumpkins,hot chocolate, hot apple cider,the smell of the fall weather, the leaves to start changing and all the home cooking. With another year getting ready to pass us,it makes me sad that the years go by so darn fast. I look at my son and wonder where time goes? I have lots to look forward to. Christmas is coming and I can't wait to see Aiden open gifts this year. I think he will be more into it. Last year, he liked it but wanted to help others open their gifts lol. That's my boy, he loves to help.

Lets not forget about the upcoming election. I am actually excited this time around. Still don't know who I am voting for but it is exciting to think about the change to come.

I will certainly miss these sunsets....
sunset 9-2008


Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures!
I'm eager for fall to get here too.

T- said...

Time passes so fast these days. I'll miss summer, but I'm also looking forward to the cooler weather. With less bugs!

Heather said...

Thank you both! xoxoxoxo