Thursday, September 11, 2008

The day that touches all of us

September 11,2001 aka 9-11. I can't believe it's been 7 years since the towers fell. It gives me great sadness to think of all that was lost on that day. I believe that you didn't have to live in New York OR have a loved one lost that day to feel the deep wounds from that day. My heart goes out to everyone that lost a loved one that day. It's really unfair for someone to think that it's OK to take another persons life. Just the thought of what those people must have went through, what went through their minds, brings tears to my eyes. I didn't lose a loved one, I did not have to attend funerals,or send flowers to a funeral home in the days that followed. Our country lost life. We all suffered, and every year, it feels like salt is being rubbed in the wounds it caused. It's a sting that never really goes away. A fear of, "what if it happens again?" and "do you ever really know someone?". I think all of us have felt this way at one time or another. I hope that this has taught us many lessons. I hope that it's made each of us realize just how precious life is. We can get up one day, go to work, pick up our dry cleaning,cook dinner and not think about the blessing that God has given us. ONE MORE DAY. Each morning you wake up, thank God for that day. Thank Him for the sun,the rain,the health of your family,and anything you feel grateful for. Try to remember to never take each other for granted, it could be the last time you see each other. I always try to remember to never say something negative to my husband before he leaves. I don't want the last words from my mouth to be of negativity or of dislike. The thought of him being in an accident and the very last words that I got to say to him were not of love, well that would kill me. It amazes me how ONE day, one event, can change all of us. So, while we are remembering this day, let us pray for the families that have lost loved ones and Thank God for our loved ones.

Thank you God!


T- said...

It was definitely a life changing event. My thoughts and prayers are with those that suffered unspeakable losses on this day seven years ago.

Lisa said...

I echo what Tara said. It's just so hard to fathom; even today.