Friday, September 5, 2008

And here she is...

Aunt Flo as we like to call her, came at 9:30am so it's all good lol. HOWEVER, I am now cramping more and that makes me mad lol.

Do you know what my husband had the balls to tell me after ALL this freaking out?

He first ask me if I was ok this AM,then he ask me if I tested again. I did, at 7AM lol. That test was negative. Then I said that AF came at 9:30 this morning and he said ,"GREATTTTTT" like he was in for it lol. I asked him why he was saying it that way, he stated, "I wouldn't have been disappointed if we were pregnant again,I would have been shocked but not disappointed."

(shocking smilie here)

WTF so is he wanting another baby?

Well, I explained to him why I didn't really want another baby right now. I feel my responsibility is to Aiden right now, he still needs his mommy and he's very jealous of anyone having my attention. Even Joe lol. I am not sure how I would handle TWO babies. Maybe when he's in school, maybe I will be up to it then!

Why did I wish for cramping, huh? grrrr

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T- said...

I am in the same exact place you are. I am enjoying being the wutz's mommy, and I'm just not sure if I'm ready to add a second child to our family. I want one, yes. But I don't know when. Argghhh.

Congrats on AF!