Friday, September 19, 2008


I am so frustrated over the election. Am I the only one? I don't think that I am but sometimes wonder. I am frustrated b/c I do not know who to vote for, nor do I know which person will be better suited for the job. It's a mighty big job and I am not sure that I would want it lol. However, with all the TV ads,articles in magazines and newspapers, I do not know what to believe. One says this or that then the other says that the person is not being truthful. Then vice versa. I am confused. My thought is this: Even if Obama says(and not picking on him-his name was just the first to come across my brain lol) he will do one thing, is that really so? How do we know that what he says he will do today is what he will do tomorrow? I am definitely ready for a change. However,who will be the one to do it? I am sick and tired of seeing them go back and forth w/each other. He said this and he said that. WHO CARES? Just tell me what you believe and how you stand and move on for crying out loud. Stop belittling the other person. Just be you, and I could care less about your previous mistakes. You are human, it's allowed. Don't put blame on one party b/c of the economy-BOTH had something to do with it. I think of it like a marriage. A marriage doesn't fail b/c of ONE person, it takes two! I just want better for our country, for my son. I don't care how many houses you own,if you are black,white,blue or pink. I don't care what religion you practice or how hot your running mate is. Just believe in something and stick to it. Work for us, the people of America. Think of us as your children and take care of us. You don't want your children w/out homes,without health care,without food and without a future. I know it's a hard job to tackle, so don't even try if you are not up to it. We deserve someone that will treat us like their family. We deserve a country that we believe in, not one that we are unsure about. Respect each other even if your beliefs are different. Isn't that what your mother taught you? Stop bashing each other and trying to make one another look bad. The American people don't need to see that. I mean come on, I don't let my son watch horror movies and sometimes I think the ads are becoming one!!!

I feel better now!

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T- said...

I hope you find your candidate soon! It is very frustrating.

Personally, I'm voting for change.