Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Allergies are HELL

As many ppl know, I have horrible allergies. Joe often jokes that I am allergic to AIR lol. Today, is BAD. I can't breathe, my eyes are burning and I have been sneezing like crazy. Aiden thinks that sneezing is hilarious, me, not so much. My nose is itching and it is driving me BONKERS. I am on allergy meds, however, they don't seem to be helping much here lately. I love Fall, but seriously think that Fall is worse on me than Spring. When Aiden is in school, I am really thinking about allergy shots. This is a huge commitment. I hate needles but I am also FED UP feeling like this. All of you that have "year around" allergies probably feel the same way. I wish mine were just seasonal. I wouldn't be so lucky lol.

So, anyone that's had the allergy shots, feel free to comment about them. I would love to know your experience and thoughts. I am getting desperate!!!!!


Anonymous said...

OH gosh Heather, I'm so sorry! That stinks that you have allergies THAT bad :( I'd definately try the shots- you actually will get used to the needles and I'm sure they are small. I don't like needles either, but had to take p17 shots weekly with my last pregnancy and it honestly wasn't that bad. Keep us all posted on what you decide~ Hugs :)

Lisa said...

I've never had them, but man that stinks! I hope yours pass soon!