Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I can't believe it's coming...

Christmas Countdown Begins Pictures, Images and Photos

Christmas that is! I don't know where this year went. Part of me just dreads this time of year b/c of all the things that need to be done. Then there is the other part that just LOVES this time of the year. I love ppl shopping for others b/c this means you are thinking about someone other than yourself and other than just your spouse and children. I also love how family comes together and we thank God for all the blessings in our life. All the cooking that I will do, OMG, all the food we must buy lol.

I recently decided to cut my list this year. I hate even thinking about it, but come on, how many of us adults really give a hoot about presents? I know I don't. I think this year, we will play Secret Santa w/the adults and buy one gift for all kids. Aiden,being our child, will get more from us than one gift. But isn't that expected? I hope not to offend any friend that we have w/NOT getting them something. Most have agreed that as adults we just don't care anymore about receiving the gifts, we just want to see the kids have a blast. EVEN with cutting our list down to kids plus 4 adults, it's still a pretty big one.

I was really bothered yesterday, when I went to town to do some shopping, that BOTH gifts that I want to get Aiden, were sold out. Thankfully, we still have some time lol.
We all seem to get a bit stressed and crazy this time of year. I am NOT looking forward to that at all. However, seeing my son excited this year will be worth it all. He is going to have so much fun w/all the kids. I know this year will be special b/c this will be the first year that he will actually care about opening gifts. Last year, he wasn't sure what was going on, he wanted to help everyone else open their gifts instead of open his lol. The toys that we want to get him are:
and this one
And I just found Handy Manny bedding so that may be an option as well lol! My child loves Handy Manny. I know he will be very happy w/anything he gets though :)
63 days til Christmas.......

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