Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ticked off at some men!

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Today, as I am piddling around the house, the show, "Dr. Phil" was on. Well, usually, I don't even pay attention to it if it is on. I am way to busy lol. HOWEVER, today the topic really made me mad. The topic was deadbeat fathers. This man basically says that he was screwed over b/c he didn't want to be a father and the woman decided to keep the baby so now he's a father not by choice and has to pay child support. HOLY CRAP. I really want to tell this dude that he should have kept his pants up then. ANY TIME you decide to have sex w/someone, you very well could end up getting pregnant. So, if you don't want children, either get fixed or don't have sex. Even if the woman was on bcp(which was stated that she was) those are not 100%. Didn't this dude go to school and have sex ed classes? Those classes taught us that the only way to not get pregnant or get an STD was to NOT HAVE SEX-period. How hard is that to understand?
I understand not wanting to be a parent yet. Nobody would blame someone for that. It's a huge responsibility. As woman, it's always up to us, it seems. If we don't want to be a mom yet, we have to take bcp or use some other form of birth control. I think one should, that's just being responsible. However, if we do get pregnant, the man has just as much responsibility as the woman. It was his sperm that help create that child. I am not saying it is right for those woman out there that "trick" a man into father hood. However, we don't always get a say as to how our life turns out. Make the best of it and move on. I have to say, that being a mom, it's not easy. However, I have no regrets what-so-ever in having him. He is the love of my life and I don't know ONE person that regrets having a baby. Often, I hear ppl say that you may regret not having them but will never regret having a baby. I guess some men are just stupid. It's the only thing that I can think of b/c how can anyone not want to love or provide for their own flesh and blood? Life is precious, watching a child grow is such a blessing. Many that can't have that opportunity, will tell you that they would give their right arm to be able to have a baby.
It makes me so mad that there are people out there that just go on with their lives and let the child they created, suffer.That child didn't ask to be created, didn't ask for you to be the parent. You made choices and now it's time to live with them.

I ask myself that if Joe came to me, and told me, that he had a child with some other woman and he just found out that this child is his, what would I do?

*I would choose for that child to be in our life. The past is the past and the child can not help it. I don't want ONE child to suffer b/c of my selfishness. I would love that child b/c she/he is a part of my husband. We would support that child as best we could. We would have to go on with our life and just have a new blessing in it. I don't think of ANY child as a punishment(see what you did years ago and now look what you have to pay for!), children are blessings, no matter how they came about. Sure, I would be a little hurt but in the end, the child is what matters. Children thrive on love. I know our son, Aiden has. I would want that child to thrive just the same.

So what do you think? Seriously before long, we are going to have to sign contracts before we can have sex lol.

"I __________ am on birth control pills and if I do get pregnant will not hold ________responsible for the baby. "

sheesh, what is this world coming to?


Stephanie said...

Yes the contact is perfect. I mean really dude, do you know how babies happen????

Heather said...

really, this guy is nuts. He thinks he can have sex w/whomever he wants and get her knocked up then NOT be held responsible for his actions. Sorry, life doesn't work that way. grrr

Heather said...

really, this guy is nuts. He thinks he can have sex w/whomever he wants and get her knocked up then NOT be held responsible for his actions. Sorry, life doesn't work that way. grrr