Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's a bird, It's a plane, it's SUPERMAN!!!!

My little boy was Superman for Halloween. He had a blast. He didn't know what to think about going to complete strangers doors to ask for candy lol, but he watched other kids do it and "got it" lol. We just took him(and some friends kids) around our neighborhood. He didn't get a whole bucket of candy, but who needs that much candy? Besides, I made Spooky Cupcakes,Chili,Blood Punch,Reece's PB Cookies, Chocolate covered pretzels, and they just didn't seem to care about the candy that much haha. It was a nice little party. To bad, I was a little sick w/a cold and couldn't fully enjoy it GRRR lol.

This was Sunday night. We had to set the clocks back and all of us were a little screwed up. I was in bed sick all day, so Joe took care of Aiden. I came downstairs to check on my boys b/c they were awful quiet. This is what I found:

Joe and Aiden asleepThey are so cute!!!! My heart melts!

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