Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's over...

Barack Obama Pictures, Images and Photos This is the face our kids will see in their history books!!!

The country that I love, has a brand new president! We've waited forever it seems to have change, well, we are gonna get it! I didn't vote for Obama-however, that being said, I am not upset or disappointed at all. In my head, anything is probably better than what we have now. I may not agree w/everything Obama says, and that is OK, that's what this country is all about, but I strongly agree that this country needs a positive change. Where I live, it's not so bad. Cars are selling, homes are selling and gas prices are now below $2.(that, I thought would NEVER happen lol) When I hear of all the things that are going on in other parts of this country, it breaks my heart. WE(the USA) should not have to worry about jobs,about paying our electric bill or paying for heart medication, if we are going to lose our home,or the other million things that people are worried about. COME ON, this is the USA. We tell our children that they can be anything that they want to be, and they can, right? We tell them that if they put their minds to it, they can achieve wonderful things. I don't consider losing your home wonderful. I don't consider living on the streets as wonderful and I sure don't consider dying at a young age b/c you can't see a Dr b/c of the cost WONDERFUL. I know all to well that the cost of drugs is ridiculous. Who ever you voted for, it doesn't matter. The election is over. Americans stood in line for hours waiting to vote, and with that, we have a new president. Isn't this wonderful? We had a say in who we want to run our country. I have never been so proud of this country than I was last night. We have our very 1st black president. We made history. I will tell my grand kids where I was and what I was doing when it happened just like my granny told me where she was when President Kennedy was elected(then killed). So, no matter who you voted for, be proud that hundreds of years after Abe Lincoln set the slaves free, we finally have a black president.
I hear so many say, "big deal, he's black,why are they making this about race?" Well, I will tell you. It's about race b/c for years, it's always been about race.Should it be? No. It never should have been. Many thought that a black man couldn't do it, he can't be as knowledgeable about politics as the white men. WELL, I say, he can be. Why did we make such a big deal about the color of a mans(or woman) skin anyway? I have read several books about slavery and I am amazed that we would treat a human the way they were treated, all those years ago. It makes me sick. For me to say that I own a human being just b/c they are a different skin color, makes no sense to me at all. We can't own anyone.
I guess, I will choose to be optimistic about our new president b/c that's who I am. I refuse to think negatively about ONE person. I for one, would not want to be president of this country and applaud all those that want to take that task on. I hear so many say such negative things about Obama. Who knows which ones are true and which are false? I would like to think that he is just a good man that wants better for this country. I have heard ppl say, "ohhh he's going to make this country "NON CHRISTIAN"." WTF? He can't make this country non christian. He may be the president but even he has to go through the system. I am not worried at all about him. I am worried about our economy and what could happen if we don't make a change. I am worried about all our troops( I have several friends that have served in Iraq, and I worry about them all the time). The things they see, the things they must do. I am ready for them to be home, but at the same time, all of my friends tell me about all the wonderful things that they have accomplished. They worry that if they leave too soon, things will fall apart. I don't know what to think. I just want things back to "normal" for us. I want my son to grow up in a country that he can be proud of. I want my son to be healthy,happy and go on to do wonderful things in his life. Don't we all want that for our kids? Lets not fight over who should have been president, or who would have made a better one. Lets go forward and support Obama b/c as a country we have to come together to make things better. Pray for Obama, he is going to need it, leading this country isn't easy!

God bless America!