Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

To say that Christmas this year was a success would be very true! Aiden had so much fun and enjoyed himself. Joe and I got him a "My First Computer" and my aunt got him "smart cycle" and he loves them so much. I also got him a rug that has streets on it and he sits on it playing w/all his cars. He loves it so much, Joe also loves to play w/him on this rug lol. He got the new Elmo and goes around blowing everyone kisses! Makes my heart melt just watching him. He got DVDs(Manny and Alvin and the Chipmunks of course lol),things to make messes with,Handy Manny Doll, and lots more. However, Christmas morning, my cousin Ashley got him some keys with a remote on it. They make all kinds of "real" noises and omg it was all over when he opened them. He loves them and once they were open, He got up, went to his bike and put the key into a hole and started riding his bike. We all laughed so hard. He didn't care about opening anything else b/c he got KEYS!!! lol He has probably watched his Chipmunks DVD a dozen times already lol.

Oh and just a little note:

I got a Wii! woohoo my husband loves me lol!

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