Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What did he say?

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So I am tooting around downstairs, making gingerbread cookies(yes I am baking once again lol) and cleaning house. We have Joe's family coming over tomorrow night. Well, Joe is home today and we are enjoying spending time w/our son. I am putting some icing on cookies and Aiden tells Joe that he wants to go "snuggle in mommy's bed". He loves laying in our bed w/us and watching tv while we play,laugh and cuddle. So, Joe takes him upstairs while I finish the cookies. They are not up there no longer than five minutes when Joe started yelling for me to come up there.

I get up there and Joe says he turned the tv on and there is an old western on. In this western, a man was stooped down and smoking a cigarette.

Aiden says," That man is FOCKING mommy!"

OMG he said what??????? It took me a while to realize that my son is calling SMOKING, FOCKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe and I, needless to say, cracked up. We could not help it. Aiden has no idea what he was saying sounded like something else. After all, he's never even heard the F word before.

I hope he never sees someone smoking in town and yells, "see that man focking?" I will focking die!

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T- said...

Too focking funny!