Wednesday, December 17, 2008

ohhh the things kids say...well mine at least.

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I am quite sure there are tons of mothers out there that feel like I do. You know, the never getting a moments peace,never getting to use the potty by yourself, if you take a shower,they are standing there-waiting....

Why we put up w/this "no privacy" issue is beyond me. I mean, come on, don't I deserve to use the potty by myself at least once a day? No, I am guessing this will not happen til Aiden is a bit older and embarrassed by seeing his mothers butt and hooha. Now why I am going to tell you this story, I have no idea. I guess it's to let all you moms know that you are not alone. I too, have a child that doesn't allow me much time to myself. So sit back, read this funny story and please, please, don't laugh. Don't you do it!

As many of you know, I have been quite sick w/a sinus infection and URI(that's upper respiratory infection JOE lol) and was put on strong antibiotics. Now for some people, antibiotics tend to upset their stomachs. I am one of those ppl-lovely huh? WELL, I was feeling a bit, umm how to put this nicely? GOTTA GO GOTTA GO GOTTA GO RIGHT NOW feeling and off to the bathroom I went. Along follows my 2 1/2 yr old. And thus the questions begin.

"what you doing mommy?"

"using the potty aiden."

"you need to poo poo mommy?"

"yes, mommy's belly hurts b/c of her medicine."

So after looking at me and waiting, he then proceeds to come and flush my toilet. Meanwhile, I am doing my thing and he is yelling at me,


My child was trying to wipe my butt.

There, I have said it. Kids can say the craziest of things. So next time you are sitting there just waiting for your child to talk, or say sentences, think again. I just know that one day, when we are in church or shopping, my son will remember the day he was trying to wipe mommy's butt and tell the whole world about it.

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T- said...


I can so relate to that! The other day the wutz went to the potty and he pointed in it and said, "Daddy tracks!" I nearly died and i couldn't WAIT to tell DH! LOL

Lisa said...

Oh no he didn't!!! ROFL!