Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Stuck in the house...

and it sucks. I hate knowing that I can't get out of the house if I WANT to lol. It just really bothers me. Why am I stuck in the house? Well, down came an inch of ice yesterday and last night. It's not safe to be on the roads. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this is so annoying.I really hate winter. Sure, it's not too bad where I live. We don't get that much snow, really. We are lucky if we see a couple of inches per year. But for some reason, the past couple of winters we have been hit by ice storms. Winter of 2004, we got 14in of snow. What really blew my mind-

Yesterday, at 4am it was 61 degrees, just 15min later at 4:15am, the temp. dropped to 37!!!!!!!!

This is all so odd for where I live. Summers are very hot and humid and winters are either too mild or unusually cold-or both. I know, it sounds stupid and it is lol. As a kid, I remember summers being "just right" and wanting to be outside ALL DAY. Kids today,they simply don't want to be outside all day b/c it's just too darn hot. I have noticed such a shift in our springs too. It was so rare when I was growing up to hear of tornadoes hitting our towns. Today, it's so common that we hardly bat an eye. I remember being pregnant w/Aiden and they had spotted a tornado coming down the hwy right next to my house. You can't imagine how freaked out I was. Here I was, home alone, and pregnant. All I could think about was this tornado wiping out my house w/me in it and never getting to see my baby. Thankfully, that did not happen and my house is still standing lol. Meteorologists are now calling our area, "the new tornado valley". THAT JUST MAKES ME FEEL SO MUCH BETTER ugh.
I am so sick of winter already that I could scream.
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T- said...

I do not envy you at all.

Lisa said...

Hopefully it will clear up soon!