Saturday, December 13, 2008

SO I did an experiment on my body...

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LOL not what you think. I have been pretty sick w/a sinus infection and URI and well, dr's orders were to not have ANY dairy. Well, in this house, no cheese is a sin lol. We love mexican food and well you gotta have cheese lol. SO, I decided to do a little experiment and see how much dairy, really effected my body. While sick, I really wanted a bowl of cereal( I could not taste a whole lot and wasn't hungry at all) and since I knew I couldn't have dairy, I bought Silk Light Vanilla Soy and thought I would give it a try....again lol.

The results: I am really impressed. The taste isn't JUST like cow milk, but in cereal(I had POPS) I couldn't tell a big difference. Then I wanted hot chocolate and well you just can't have hot chocolate w/out milk, it doesn't taste the same. I heated up some soy milk and put the cocoa in the cup and to my surprise....

IT WAS GOOD. I let Joe have a sip and he was even shocked that it didn't suck lol. So for days, I just had soy milk, no dairy. I made muffins and used soy instead of regular ole milk, I could not tell a difference in taste at all.

I am also happy to say, that my belly has never felt this good. EVER. I have IBS and always knew that I had some dairy issues(ice cream kills me) but never really knew how much it effected me. I know now,that while my tummy issues can't completely be solved by using soy, I do know that I have more issues w/dairy than I thought! So for now on, I am going to buy Silk Light Vanilla Milk and a SMALL thing of skim milk. BTW, Aiden tried the bowl of cereal w/soy milk and didn't even bat an eye. He said it was good and went on playing then came back for more lol.

All those that use soy milk regularly, I noticed that it said that if you were going to make pudding w/it you may want to decrease the ammt of milk and use some cornstarch. SO do you do this or does your instant pudding turn out just as well?

Is it totally silly to be excited over soy milk????? lmao

This cracked me up:

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T- said...

I'm so glad it is making you feel better! I've never tried soy.

Lisa said...


I've never tried soy milk.

Ladybird said...

I don't drink milk at all. My husband thinks I am crazy.

Love your blog. Found you through my brother, Cosmo's Crazy. Your little boy is precious!