Thursday, December 11, 2008

Things I have learned from being a mom...part 1

1. Water is more than something to drink and bathe in

2. Toddlers love to be sticky

3. The question "why" can not be asked enough

4. The word NO is said more than you would like

5. Candy canes should not be hung on trees

6. Breastfeeding is hard work but totally worth it

7. Being sick and taking care of a child is HARD HARD HARD work

8. Your child is the best entertainment

9. The love you have for this one little person fills your whole heart and more, and you can't understand that type of love til you are a mother.

10. Telling a toddler to not spill something is like talking to a brick wall

11. They don't call it terrible twos for nothing

12. They don't call it tantrum 3's for nothing either ugh

13. Boys and their penises...need I say more?

14. The silliest things make them happy

15. There is no other person in the world as funny as your child...NO ONE

16. Being a mom is the hardest job in the whole entire world, but the most rewarding

17. there are NO sick days when you are a mom...NONE trust me.

18. Toddlers love to make messes and lots of them

19. If you have a boy, you will be peed on

20. No matter what the sex of your child, someone will get it wrong. Doesn't matter if they are dressed in pink from head to toe, someone will say, "that's a cute boy!" ugh

21. Babies are easier than toddlers.....I swear they are, if you think not, you can have my toddler lmao.

22. Mothers have to work from sun up to sun down, all while dads just say they work. I don't see many stay at home dads...there are some, just not that many lol.

23. I really am wonder woman. I can produce milk,give birth,do twenty things at once, calm a crying baby down,put one to sleep, breastfeed while shopping for food,vacuum while threatening a toddler haha,fold laundry while texting on the phone w/a toddler helping me do laundry,clean out the fridge w/a toddler emptying all the baskets out of the fridge UGH, and last but not least, love a little boy more than anything in the world but want to kick his butt for spilling his water all over the couch after being told, "DO NOT SPILL THAT!"

24. He would rather have a box than a toy...really don't spend a fortune for a one yr old for xmas, they don't care.

25. If it has wheels on it, my son will try to drive it-even if it is a small car that he is suppose to push, he wants to ride it.

26. Building blocks had to be invented by a man, as well as Play dough and crayons.

27. The best invention is the colorless markers. Probably invented by a mom ;)

28. Other moms can be such a wonderful gift to you.

29. Old women that say stupid stuff can be told where to me, I have done it

30. Teachers are way underpaid. Being a parent is being a teacher and when you realized just how hard it is, you can't imagine having a class room full of them!

31. No matter what the sex of your child, they just want to do what the parent is doing. They learn by watching you. My son loves to help me clean lol. Why? Because that's all that I do it seems! TODDLERS LOVE TO MAKE MESSES!

32. Baths=mess

33. Put all pens up wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy up high out of the reach of your toddler. If they can find them, they will. And you will have to use that magic eraser a whole bunch! Just don't use it on your child, lol.

34. Blowout diapers-really does describe what happens lol.

35. Breast milk poops are not stinky but they sure are messy

36. Potty training a toddler is like being pecked to death by a duck....

37. Sunshine is wonderful for making kids sleepy! I highly rec. it, just use sunblock please.

38. A water bottle is the best toy ever for a 2yr old.

39. If it has buttons on it, they will be pushed a million times!

40. Babies grow way too fast. Cherish them and give lots of kisses and hugs. They will be in college before you know it :(

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T- said...

I love these! Well done.

So true.

floreksa said...

Love them!!