Friday, January 23, 2009

In love w/his daddy...

My sweet boy, what can I say? He loves his daddy and tries to be him. He sees my husband text all the time, so he texts people on his phone lol, and today, I caught him wearing one of Joe's hats!(Joe has a gazillion hats grrr) He was so funny. "Mommy,I wear daddy's hat!" It's days like today, when he is so stinkin' cute, that makes days like the other day(when he squirted his juice in the dvd/vcr player on his tv-which btw, is working now woohoo) not seem so bad lol. I try to remind myself daily that my son, he's this wonderful gift from God.That all these little annoyances, I will one day miss. God,Where did the time go? What happened to that little 6lbs 9oz baby? He sure did grow awfully fast :(

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