Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Juice boxes are for the devil AND my husband is the best...

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Ok I know it is a weird title, so let me explain lol.

First of all, I will start with the good news. For my bday, most of you know that Joe got me the wii fit. That's what I wanted. WELL, yesterday, my bff calls me wanting to know if I wanted to go to the movies on Sunday for a girls day out. Well, I am not a dumb girl, so sure lol. I know that Joe will watch our boy. Joe gets home last night(my bday, remember...) and gives me bday card. It was really sweet. I almost cried lol. THEN he put the big one on me....

Joe hands me another card w/gift certificates in it. One, to the movies(for Sunday btw lol) for two movies tickets(for me and my bff) and another for Olive garden for $40(plenty for my bff and I to eat on, don't you think?) and here's the big one.....

he booked my bff and I massages on Sunday. (I was soooo surprised). He called everywhere yesterday trying to set us up for Sunday(b/c he's off work on sundays and he wanted us to go out while he watches Aiden)-well NO ONE was open on Sundays. I swear,that's the bad part about living where I do. The BIBLE belt shuts everything down on Sundays lol. I am surprised that our Wal-Mart is open!
So to make a long story short, he ask a bunch of the girls he works with and they recommend someone. He calls her and she says that she does not work on Sundays.He ask her how much she usually charges for a massage and she tells him. SO he tells her to double it if she will do it on Sunday....SHE WILL lol.

Isn't he the best????

Now the bad news.

JUICE BOXES SUCK. Who ever thought it was a brilliant idea to create these little things, well YOU ARE STUPID, or maybe I am just stupid for giving my toddler one. He has been so good w/them! THEN today, I go to turn his tv off in his play room and I can't get it to do squate! THEN I NOTICE....

MY SON squirted juice in the vcr/dvd(it is built into the tv and they don't make these anymore grrrr). OMG OMG OMG

So, lucky us, we have a billion tv's in this house and can make something work. BUT this tv, well it was perfect for him. AND IT IS RUINED! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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T- said...

YAY for DH!

BOOO for juice boxes.