Monday, January 19, 2009

It works! it works!

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So,I got a wii fit for my bday(I got the wii sport package for xmas) and I have had it for a bit now. Joe went to a store in our mall and asked if they had a wii fit-he expected for them to say NOOOO lol. BUT,the dude looked at him and said,"we have ONE!!" So he went ahead and grabbed it lol.

What is the big deal, you ask?

WELL, I have lost 5.3 lbs in 12 days of using the wii fit alone. I have no idea how much I have lost since xmas(the wii fit actually weighs you). I can't believe it. lol, I have worked out since giving birth, went to a gym,ran on our treadmill, you name it, I do it lol. I am an active person. SO I am so excited about this. A GAME THAT YOU ENJOY PLAYING and you lose weight???? Too good to be true....

Someone once told me that excercise wasn't meant to be fun....hmmmm wanna take that comment back now??? hahahaha


Lisa said...


Heather said...

Thanks hun!


T- said...

I hope you had a Happy Birthday!!!

I am sooo jealous of you having a Wii Fit. I want the Wii just so I can have that. I wish I could talk DH into it! Especially after hearing you lost that much in 12 days. WOW!

d e v a n said...

Wow, awesome! I really want a Wii and Wii fit, but don't have one yet. :)

Heather said...

Yeah, I am quite shocked lol. I am not one to weigh myself, but I thought what the heck and was so shocked lmao!

Thanks for the bday wishes!