Friday, February 27, 2009

A blast from the past

HOLY cow. I found old pictures of myself. GOOD LORD who is that skinny biotch? AND why oh why did I have bangs? BANGS? Really? AND the brownish lipstick...POOP STICK lol.

But to be this person again, not much to worry about, young, ready to take on the world and did I mention SKINNY? It's weird when you look at older pictures and think, "I was skinny then and I thought I could lose some more weight???????" WHATEVER. lol

Oh well, I wouldn't change a thing. I have a beautiful son and STILL w/the same person I was with then lol. How did that happen? haha

Me a long time ago My senior prom-sheesh I am getting OLD.

me and Joe bowling Me and Joe-yup we are still together :)

SO I want to see other "blast from the past" pics. Come on, I know you have some! SO you know the rules, we've done the "memes" before. Show me some pics and then pick others to do the same!






Katie said...

It's amazing how you don't appreciate your skinny body til you don't recognize it in the mirror anymore! LOL

Heather said...

omg yes. well most things are still ok but good lord my hips are huge now lol. THANK you son. ugh

T- said...

Hot hot hot!

And yes, I had no clue I'd appreciate my former size until I wasn't at that size anymore. *sigh*

I don't know if I wanna do this MeMe, though. Yikes! I'll have to dig some old pics out of my parents' house. I have none here!

Heather said...

lol Tara, I didn't know i had these, I was cleaning a drawer out and found a bunch of pics. I forgot all about them! You don't have to go through all that trouble, it was just for fun :)


Ladybird said...

I remember the bangs! :)

Heather said...

LMAO shhhhhhhhhhhhh what was I thinking? At least I have not found pics of myself w/the HUGE bangs. You remember, the ones you had to use a whole bottle of hairspray on??? haha