Thursday, February 26, 2009

My mouth gets me in trouble...

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I have some issues w/certain topics here lately. If anything I say offends you, I apologize. It's my opinion, that's all. I don't say things to hurt anyone....

1. The Octo-Mom debate: OK so 14 children wouldn't be my ideal family situation. However, I wish people would leave her alone. What's done is done. She made a mistake-she's admitting to that. HOWEVER, I can't believe for a second that her children are mistakes.SORRY, but God put them here for a reason. Sure, she's going to have a hard time, most single moms do. Sure, I wouldn't of brought that many children into the world when I couldn't take care of them. However, get past that. Get past the fact that she was a bit selfish. Move on. There are 14 kids out there that need an enormous amount of help and love. The children come first. She (the mother) should not be getting death threats, nor should she be called such horrible names. If I were her and you were to ask me if my kids were a mistake, I would tell you NO WAY. My beliefs do not allow me to think that any child is a mistake. There is no way that I could ever give my son up, so why do people expect her to? I know she has tons of children, but I am sorry, having 14 kids while not common, there are people that DO have lots of children. Stop being frustrated at her and think about the children!

2. Two words:Food stamps- I wish our country would weed through the people who abuse the system. If they are young and in good health then they should be WORKING, get a J-O-B and stop depending on others to feed you and your kids. I am not saying take that help away from those that actually need it, like senior citizens living on fixed incomes. For crying out loud, a 20 year old w/3 kids should be out working her butt off to feed her kids. NOT sitting on her butt waiting for the food stamps to come. If we could take all that money put toward food stamps and put it into the health care system, maybe lots of people would have health insurance. If you have to work 3 freaking jobs to take care of your family, then so be it. YOU CHOSE to bring kids into the world, so take care of them. It's not other's responsibility to do it. AND if you can not afford to take care of those kids, STOP HAVING SEX-period!

3. Dead beat fathers: I don't care what your excuse is. TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS. You made them, you pay for them. IF you would take care of those kids maybe so many single mothers wouldn't be on welfare. AND if you live in my state, (hahahahahahahaha) and you are allowing the state to pay for those kids, then guess what? THEY WILL COME AFTER YOU. Eventually, you will have to pay the state back for that money that they gave your kids. It may be 10-20 yrs later, but you will have to pay it back. SO instead of letting the mother draw welfare, take care of those kids yourself! Once again, if you can not afford to take care of kids, then stop having sex. I don't care if she tells you that she's on birth control pills, they don't work 100% of the time. SO if you have sex w/a woman and she has an uterus and all the anatomy needed, then she can get pregnant. AND if you still don't trust that, then SNIP SNIP!

4. Lazy parents: If your child hits another child and all you do is say, "don't do that!" and then that child turns around and does it again and you don't get off your butt and take care of it--that is lazy parenting. YOU DO NOT PARENT FROM THE COUCH! If you let your kids get away w/murder b/c you just don't feel like disciplining them-lazy. You had the kid, now take care of it. THAT MEANS getting on to them for doing wrong. If you don't, the law will! OR one day, another parent will do it for you and you don't want that. Over-worked Parents get fed up w/you lazy parents. It's not my job to take care of my child and YOUR child at the park. If your child has a snotty nose and you are not taking care of it b/c you are too busy talking on your cell phone instead of watching your kid---LAZY. I should not have to wipe your child's nose. YUCK.

5. If you are grocery shopping and all your kids and you are standing in the middle of the aisle gabbing at another person-RUDE. Move out of the darn way. I don't have time to stand there and wait on you to end a conversation about the weather. THEY CAN LOOK OUTSIDE TO SEE THE WEATHER. My time is precious, I have other things to do than to grocery shop or whatever. Other people are just too nice to tell you to get the hell out of the way, however, my mouth does get me into trouble sometimes. SO just move and I will smile at you and say, "thank you" and go on. Otherwise, you get THE look. :)


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