Monday, February 23, 2009

I finished the book...

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At first, I wasn't impressed. To me, the beginning was a bit slow for my taste. Not to mention it's about a high school student. I usually don't like "younger" characters, but as I kept reading, the author drew me in. THANK GOD lol. I would have died if I were the only person on this planet to NOT like this book. Now that I have read the book, I can watch the movie. woohoo.

The 2nd half of the book caught my attention. From then on, I had to make time in my day to read at least one chapter lol. Then tonight, as the book got closer to an end,I couldn't put it down. I wanted to know the end. You know how that feels lol. All in all, I did like the book and can not wait to see the movie.

My peeve: THE ENDING. OMG, I am so pissed that I don't know for sure if Bella is a vampire or or my mind is left to wonder! There are sequels to the book and I will probably read them. Let me know if I should!

I have to say that I never thought that I could like a vampire and his family so much. I found myself loving Alice and Edward. I loved that they loved Bella and fought so hard for her. If all of our "in-laws" could fight that hard for us lmao, maybe the divorce rate wouldn't be 50% in America.

Thanks Lisa and Tara for recommending this book!


T- said...

Of course you need to read the rest of the Twilight Saga! You can't stop now, woman!

April said...

I didn't think I would like them either.... but Stephenie Meyers is an amazing author. Don't stop with just Twilight....the books get better and better. The Breaking Dawn is my fave.