Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What's better than Play dough???


Aiden got them for his Birthday. Jana (one of my bff's) said that her little girl loved playing w/them. So, she got Aiden some. They are bendy,moldy(not the green stuff lol) and fun. Best of all, they don't make huge messes in your house. When you mix the colors together, you can pull them apart and start over. You can make everything with them! Aiden is enjoying them and I give them a 5 star rating. What mom wouldn't like them? I could kiss the person that invented these! Jana got them at Wal-Greens, and they were not very expensive. We are very pleased w/them and I plan on helping him make some more stuff w/them later.

SOOOO much better than play dough! I would like to kick the person who invented play dough! lol

aiden wearing his crown made from bendaroos


T- said...

I want some for myself!

Lynn said...

I thought you were going to say edible playdoh is better! I heard some mom in target (go figure) talking about the bendaroos. She said they were a hit too!

Anonymous said...

well great, now I have to go buy some for Devin because I'm in playdough hell almost daily!

Thanks for the tip ;)

Lisa said...

Neat! I could see that those would be a big hit around here!