Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our little "Rain man" lol

Joe says that when Aiden wears his little hat and sunglasses that it reminds him of the movie "Rain Man". Yesterday, we took Aiden to Chuck E. Cheese and he got a new game as a reward for potty training success. We told him that we were so proud of him for peeing and pooping on the potty, so we were going to take him there and get him a little game. There is a little golf game that he seen on tv. He told me that he wanted it b/c those kids on tv were having so much fun lol. I actually found a $5 off coupon for this game and decided to get it for him. Yesterday was all about him and he had so much fun. Plus, Joe and I enjoyed spending that time with him! We are ever so blessed to have this little miracle in our lives. He is healthy and happy.

Here he is playing his game. He was laughing so hard, I wish you could have heard those belly laughs!

playing a game


Ladybird said...

Way to go Aiden!!! Peepees and poopies in the potty are a BIG DEAL! I am proud of him!

Aren't those kiddo giggles the absolute best???!!!

Lisa said...

SUPER sweet! What a cutie!