Friday, July 17, 2009

What we've been up to!

Summer fun! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. We have been super busy, and loving the weather.

Aiden, finding words on the potty! He is also giving himself some nice tatoos w/that pen lol.

Elmo is telling a joke and Aiden thought it was so funny!

We bought Aiden his own pool b/c at first, he didn't want to swim in the big pool. He had so much fun that day!

Peeing in the grass, He got a bee and was so proud of himself.However, he also was stung by his 1st bee this summer. Unfortunately, he is allergic.

3 yrs old and already trying to make his own fashion statement. One "Cars" shoe and one "Transformers" shoe. Hey why not? If this is the only thing I have to worry about, I am not going to complain. At least he is not wanting his nose pierced or wearing all black....just saying lol.

This frog was stuck on the side of our house one night. Aiden thought it was the funniest thing in the world.


T- said...

How stinking cute is he?!?!?

Heather said...

Thanks :)

Lisa said...

SUPER cute! Glad to "see" you! I've missed hearing about my buddy!