Saturday, January 30, 2010

about 5 inches....

....that's how much snow we got at our house.

BUT the best part is


A year ago, our area was hit by a really bad ice storm and knocked power out to thousands. My aunts was off for more than a month. I feel very thankful for the every day things that many take for granted. You never know how much just being able to wash your clothes in your washer and dryer means to you til you can't do it. OR how wonderful a hot shower feels, a good home cooked meal, even the things we complain about doing; dishes,vacuuming,cleaning bathrooms, all the chores we hate doing. It feels SO good to be able to do those things after you've been through something like that.

Aiden made this "snow stick" at preschool on Thursday. He was so excited about it. We measured the snow together today then made snow cream :)

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