Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day 2010

Aiden decided to plant some watermelon seeds. He found this cute little Cookie Monster bag at Lowes and just had to have it. He was so cute planting his seeds. :)

We also had a new playset/swing built for him. He's loving it. We have to lay more rubber mulch(which we highly recommend.) but he can't wait for us to do that, he has to play lol!

Aiden had his 1st preschool program last night. Sadly, he didn't want to sing. I think he had stage fright. I asked him before we left if he was going to sing, "All the Little Critters" and he informed us that he would not be singing that song, that he was going to sing, "The Stupid Truck Song" by Taylor Swift. Yi yi yi. Well, he didn't sing either song, he just kinda stood there looking around. My poor child was scared to death w/all those eyes on him lol!!!

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