Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas 2010 pics

I had pictures of my son and nephew made for Christmas this year. I found MATCHING OUTFITS, yes I did. They were the most precious boys in the world and I adore them.You are fixing to view two of the sweetest boys in the world. Am I biased? What do you think? I'd give them both the moon if I could. The stars in the sky, and anything their hearts desired. The love from a child(or for a child) can certainly turn the Grinch into a Saint. In my life, I will never love any other human being the way I love these two boys! You think you know the meaning of love until your heart belongs to your child...and nephew. <3

Lucas and Aiden. Just look at Lucas,smiling and flirting with the camara lady ;) 3mo old and he's already a lady's man hehe.

We thought this picture turned out beautifully. Getting a 4 yr old to look at a certain thing for very long can be difficult. Everytime we would get him perfect, Lucas would move. OR everytime we would get Lucas perfect, Aiden would slump over.

Just look at those big eyes. How sweet is he?

That grin gets him out of a lot of trouble. It melts our hearts. We can't help it. Look at it. How can anyone resist?

I just love this picture of my baby. He looks so sweet and

This picture was hillarious. Lucas is drooling and Aiden is totally over the whole thing already.

I thought this picture was so sweet. This picture was on our Christmas cards this year. Isn't it amazing how much you can love these little boogers?

There's that grin again. He's going to be a heart breaker. Look out ladies. Just remember: I LOVED HIM FIRST.

One of my favorite pictures of my son. He is adorable. I know all parents think that. My heart could burst just looking into those big brown eyes. I'd give him the world if I could. <3
Little Lucas was getting fed up. I am surprise we got such good pictures of him. He was grumpy that day. We believe he was going through a growth spurt. Thankfully, I didn't blink and he didn't grow into an adult over night. Doesn't it feel like they do though?
This would be his pouty face. I love it. Aunt Heather thinks it's cute and well, if he does this too often, I am gonna be in big trouble. Combination of those eyes and that look......I'm a sucker.
Here is the most beautiful and rotten kid in America. I won't lie. He is. We made him that way. We can't help it. He's just a good, loving. sweet, handsome boy. Who in their right mind wouldn't spoil him rotten?
I am happy to report that this will be the 2nd most rotten kid in America. WHY? Well, I will tell you. It's because his Aunt Heather and Uncle Joe plan to spoil him rotten like no other. We can hand him back to mommy and daddy. It's our job. We must do it. Don't judge. He's my only nephew(by blood) and I must do what I must do. Whatever little Lucas wants, little Lucas shall get. :) yes, I am the best Aunt in the world. Thank you.
Twas the Night Before Christmas.....finally fell asleep! He fought pretty hard. Sleep won. My sister and I rejoiced LOL.

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