Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Schools out for the summer....

So my baby graduated Preschool. Now he's a big kindergartener and I don't think I like it :/ I am quite sure he was just born yesterday...or so it seems.

The cutest preschooler of all time. Yes, I am a LITTLE biased. JUST A LITTLE.

My how this child makes me teary eyed, happy, sad, and thankful all at the same time. Such a sweet sweet boy y'all.

Cowboy day at school. He got to ride a horse. I asked him if he had fun and liked riding the horse. He said, "yes it was fun, but horses sure do poop a lot! they need their butts wiped!" LOL He cracks us up.

Last day of school. I had to take pics of them all. I think the parents were more sad than the kiddos. :(

standing in line. Gabriel, Layne and Aiden. they are all such sweet kids.

Aiden w/his buddy Elijah. These two are too cute together. <3

I hope he enjoyed his last day of preschool. I can't praise them enough. They do a wonderful job and we just love them to pieces.

Aiden and his horse. He's pushing the ear so it will "nayyy" lol.

He looks so big to me in this pic :(

The cutest cowboy ever y'all. :)

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JO said...

definitely the cutest cowboy ever!