Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My backyard is a jungle...

So this summer, I have seen a whole bunch of bunnies and baby birds in our back yard. WHY are they attracted to my back yard this year??? I have NO idea, but we kinda like it :)

Hello cute little bunny! I live next to a highway, so it's odd to us to see so many bunnies in our yard :)

big bunny. Maybe this is mommy bunny??

she's hiding LOL She's so cute.

It's Easter at our house every day I guess LOL.

I think he likes the flowers and clovers :)

Little baby bird. They were in a nest in my sons playhouse. Decided to try and fly today I guess.

They are always ready to eat LOL

Thanks for pooping down the playhouse. Appreciate it :/

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