Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sick kids SUCK

If someone would have told me 6 years ago, that *I* would go through H-E-L-L getting my son to take his medicine, I'd laughed at them. Aiden has Strep Throat (yuck) and instead of a liquid antibiotic, I opted for a pill. You'd think this option would be much easier for a 5 1/2  year old who hates "yucky medicine". BUT OHHHHHH NO. He has gagged even w/the pill version and puked twice. To say that this mom is ready to pull her hair out is an understatement. SICK KIDS SUCK. So let the experimenting begin on "how to get this pill down his throat w/out him gagging". I will win this battle. He has got to start feeling better so he can get back to Tae Kwon Do and for crying out loud, a day at the park. If I hear, "can we go to the park" again as he complains about his throat hurting, I may explode LOL. Kids don't seem to get that they can't play w/others when they are sick. Other people do not want Strep Throat.

It really sucks to be sick on Fall Break. I am trying to look at it as, "at least he's not missing school" but I tell you, I may be crazy soon :)

He is "half Aiden and half Spiderman" in this pic hehe. He's reading his "weather books" that I ordered. He loves the weather :)

Hard to believe that that sweet face can become a BEAR when sick huh? LOL ;)

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