Monday, September 1, 2008

I am amazed!

So we put Aiden in his very first BIG BOY UNDERWEAR today. I was going to spend the whole day letting him see how it felt to really pee on himself and teach him what his body does...kwim? WELL, we put them on him and he was so excited. He was wearing big boy underwear like Ethan, he kept saying lol. THEN he decides that he wants to go outside and play w/his water table while daddy is mowing. GREATTTTTTT there goes my idea for "staying inside and working on potty training". But then, it hit me. When he does pee on himself, and we all know that he will b/c that's part of potty training, he will be outside and it won't really hurt anything. SO off we go outside to play in the water. WITHIN 5 min. of playing in the water, he pees. The look on his face was priceless. We cracked up. He thought it was funny too. I have to say, I never thought that a little boy was cute in underwear til my son came along. I am so proud of him. You should have seen his face when he fell on his butt for the first time w/out a diaper on. OMG THERE IS NO PADDING lol.

We bought him the underwear w/Cars on them. He's been telling me that he has cars on his butt today hahahahahaha. I love him to the moon and back! It amazes me how fast our babies grow. I truly never realized how fast time went by until I was a mom.

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