Saturday, May 23, 2009

Look what I made today :)

I made this tote today. I found a cute little site that had instructions to a tote.I did do some things a little different b/c as we all know, you tend to find ways of doing things that make it easier for YOU. That's what happened when I got to the straps. The instructions say to do two strips of fabric measuring 2" in width. Well after doing one of these and not liking how it turned out, I did a strip that measured 4" and then folded it over and sewed the other part. THEN I turned it right side out and found it much easier this way!!!!! woohoo. I was so excited when I "came up" w/this idea lol. Really, this project doesn't take long at all and it doesn't take much fabric. I will be making another one of these soon for my owl material since she loves them :)

Tote instructions here

I want to also do a Scooby Doo one to carry Aiden's coloring books and stuff in for when we go out.

Tell me what you think!


Lisa said...

That looks fantastic! Way to go Heather!

Heather said...

Thanks Lisa,I am kinda proud of it :)