Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My very first Apron!

This wasn't too bad. However, I don't understand bias tape that much. I get why it's put on there, but don't get HOW to sew it on lol. I did lots of research then got frustrated and just did it MY way hahahahahahaha. I should have used heavier material as this one was too flimsy and it bunched up easy. Oh well, I thought it was pretty fabric for $1.50 (snickers). lol

I want to learn how to quilt(being that I live in Quilt City lol) and can't wait to make my very 1st quilt!!!!

After taking a billion pics, this was the best one lol. My child was putting it over his head, and everything else. I was lucky to get this one!!!

Thanks for the compliments on my machine. I didn't want a really $$ one to start out with. AND Ms. Martha Stewart recommends this one b/c it's easy to learn with. :)


d e v a n said...

good job!

T- said...

Great job, Momma!

Amanda said...

Great job!!! Quite an accomplishment!

Heather said...

Thanks ladies.