Thursday, May 28, 2009

No underpants!

My son just LOVES running around in the house w/his underwear on...and nothing else. Does this bother me? Well, no. As long as when he starts school he doesn't undress and run around THERE like that lol...especially since it's a church preschool lol. Hey, I never even wear underwear, so I can't be mad at him ROFLMAO!

you gotta admit, he's so cute in his undies lmao


Anonymous said...

Yep- he's a cutie. No pants needed- underwear is just enough :)

T- said...


And your new blog layout is GORGEOUS!

Heather said...

aww thanks Tara! Y'all are too kind lol!


Lisa said...


He needs a baby sister! ;)

LOVE the butterflies!!

Heather said...

yes, yes you are right, just so I can sew cute little dresses like you do haha. Thanks!