Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Totes,totes, everywhere....

Look what I have been up to!!! I decided to make lots of totes for grocery bags. My way of doing something good and not having so many plastic bags. I really hate that stores want you to pay $1 for their "green bags". If they really cared,they would give them to you for free, in my honest opinion! I went to a place locally called, Quilt In a Day and they have a plethora of fabric!!! I was sooo excited. Well, I needed some Canvas type of fabric b/c I have decided it would make better grocery bags. OMG they had it for $4/yd and that is awesome. SO I got 3 yds lmao. As well as other fabric. I have gotten pretty good at making this tote lmao!

This bag, I put interfacing in to make it a bit stronger feeling. I also made it larger. :)


And this was actually an art project for Aiden to help with. We bought this bag(I know I know, everyone gasp in surprise) but it was only a little over $2 and would have cost me more to make it. We bought some fabric paint,cut an apple in half, painted the inside of the apple and stamped the bag. Aiden had so much fun. So this will be added to our grocery bag stash :)


I have some really pretty fabric that I want to make a purse out of and instead of a zipper, put ribbon at the top....it's gonna be soooo cute!

ok I am done sewing for the day. I am exhausted lol!


Lisa said...

YEAH YOU! Those are awesome!

Anonymous said...

those are soooo cute!