Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Aidens new haircut and Clifford!

It makes him look so big. My baby doesn't look like a baby anymore.

He is ready for school and doesn't want to wait on anyone lol. We hear, "lets go, I gotta go to school!" a million times in 30 minutes lol. He's getting so big. I am still not sure where the time went. I swear he was breastfeeding yesterday, and now, just look at him. :(

Today at school, he made puppy dog ears. Red is the color of the week and he had to wear red. He also had a visit from Clifford and got to paint Clifford and make a "clifford on a stick" lol. It's very cute.


Laurie said...

What a cutie pie!!

Lisa said...

He DOES look like a big boy!

Katie said...

OMG He is so cute! What a big boy!

Heather said...

Thanks Katie. He's our pride and joy :) Y'all are too sweet!