Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And so it begins....

Last week, I picked Aiden up from school and he had a "silly band" on. Scooby Doo. AND that's not even the best part: Macie gave it to him. ohhhhhhhhh a girl. yes, a girl gave him a silly band. Before this, Aiden has NO clue what one was. Didn't care about them at all.

Well, one day, he was taking this Scooby Doo Silly Band and popping it back and fourth like a rubber band. It bounced off his head, flew across the room and he couldn't find it. After searching for this silly little plastic crap, he finds it. "ohhhhhhhhh it broke, it's broke mommy"

Now before all this happened, I had planned to never purchase these shaped rubber bands. I just knew they would be all over the floor, something else for me to pick up. However, like all other moms(and dads) it's hard to see your baby hurt bc "Macie gave it to me and I broke it". :(

So,off to Walmart I go in search of these stupid rubber bands, and HOLY CRAP there are TONS of these stupid things. After spending, I kid you not, 45min going through all these things, I finally find SCOOBY DOO. They want $4 for these things. FOUR DOLLARS. FOUR US DOLLARS. (insert shocked smiley here). ok ok, I know in theory it's not that expensive, but they are rubber bands. I could have bought him a pack of 100 rubber bands and he could have "made" his own shapes LOL. BUT no, so I buy the stinkin' Scooby ones, the Mickey Mouse ones,Cars, and Toy Story. Yes, I spent $16 on freaking silly bands. WHY you ask? ohhhh didn't you hear? That's the "in" thing right now. Kids trade them w/each other. Wear them like bracelets and blah blah blah. Think of it this way: they are the "slap bracelets" of our time.

After he decides that he must have a pink one and a purple one bc he "wants to give one to his girlfriends" I think I need strong drugs. HE IS FOUR YEARS OLD and talking about girlfriends. What happen to my baby? He was just on the boob and now he's off talking about giving jewelry to girlfriends. :( I must teach him that plastic jewelry is not what most women want......

One of his "girlfriends" that he gave a silly band to. They were at a Birthday party at YaYa's Island. :)

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