Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nate and Aiden

These two boys love each other to pieces. We(as in Sarah and I) took them to the park today, even though princess(that would be me) doesn't like to be hot. lol. They had fun and had another little boy chasing after them. However, our little monkeys are so fast the other poor little boy said he was "wore out" lol. Love these boys! Even though they started getting GRUMPY.

Driving their ship. No telling what they are telling each other either.

Aiden. This little boy makes me the happiest person on this earth. <3

BFF taking pics of our boys :) I just love her. (she's gonna really love me when we pain my bathroom ROFLMAO)

Naters. He was asking us if we would like to order some food. LMAO he's a character.

My sweet boy just had to wear his UK shirt and UK hat :) Go Wildcats.

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