Saturday, May 17, 2014

Belt graduation....

....with a broken finger! Yes. You read that right. My son broke his finger yesterday while playing soccer. 
He didn't tell anyone, not even me, when it happened. He waited until he was returning his library books and tells me,"I hurt my finger playing soccer!" I look at it and immediately went into "mommy panic mode".
So X-rays we had. Nothing really showed up.....which they tell me is normal for hairline fractures. 
Isn't that little hand sweet? 
So, to make a long story short, my child has a hairline fracture in the top of his finger. Yesterday, he had more movement in it. Today, if you say you want to look at it he panics bc he can't even dress himself or touch anything with that hand without tears. :( 
What does one do when they break a bone?Well, Taekwondo belt graduation of course! He refused to miss it. He was getting that next belt. His goal is to be a black belt. Before today, he had 15 belts to go. Yes, he's counted. 😁 
Push ups anyone? 
Please don't break another bone.....
Trying to flip Corey with a brown finger is tough. 
You're going down! 
Broke boards with a side kick and jumping elbow. 👏 wtg little man! 
 He said he wasn't giving up bc he broke his finger! He knew he could do it and "God has faith in me!" ❤️ Sweetest little boy in the world. 14 belts to go! 
I earned these boards mom! 👏👍
Enough with being serious. Hahahahahaha 

This was his finger after icing it a while. Poor baby. 
Monday is Field Day at school. Maybe I should bubble wrap him..... 😕😁

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