Saturday, May 30, 2015

So, it's been awhile....

....sorry. Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. My kiddo is a 9 year old who has a busy life haha.

Today, I come to you very frustrated. Not sure how else to explain it. Oh, wait. Maybe MAD and excuse my language but PISSED OFF. Why? Well, Last summer, wasn't like any other summer in my life. I did a lot of the same things we always do. When May 1 hit, I started planting a garden. My Granddaddy always said to wait until May to plant one because of frost. So, like a good little girl, once May came, I eagerly started to till the garden area. Everything was planted and life was good.
Fast forward to June. We went on vacation and when I returned the garden was a mess. I spent days out there getting it under control.

 It amazes me how much a garden can grow in a weeks time.
July comes and everyone is excited about the upcoming holiday. We had plans to go to a party. I made a yummy strawberry pretzel salad. I had this annoying bug bite. It was HUGE. I assumed it was a mosquito bite because I tend to swell up pretty bad with them. I got concerned about it bc it didn't seem to be getting better. Matter of fact, it was very hot to the touch. A dear friend grew concerned. I started questioning this bite. Decided to draw a circle around it to see if it got larger.  Brown Recluse Spiders are bad here so it was a concern from others that maybe that's what it is. My hunch told me otherwise.
We went to our July 4th Party and by the time I got home, it was larger and "meaner" as we say in Kentucky.
The next morning, I kept looking at it. It was hard to tell in my dark house. In the south, we tend to need curtains up bc the sun heats our house up very fast. I decided to look at it under sunlight. Well, I could see "rings" and instantly knew I had Lyme Disease. I made a very quick decision to go to the doctor ASAP. She confirmed it. I was prescribed antibiotics for 2 weeks. I now know this was probably NOT what it should have been. It should have been longer. However, if you know me, you know that I HATE taking drugs. I have a hard time being on antibiotics for 10 days bc they mess my stomach up.  Months went by and I really thought I'd be ok. I am very healthy. I eat healthy, I workout anywhere from 8-10 hours a week at a gym. My family lives a very active lifestyle. Riding our bikes on trails, is one of our favorite activities to do together.

Fast forward to today. I AM MAD. For months now I have had this horrible calf muscle tightness, plantar fasciitis and IT Band issues. LEFT LEG only. I have done everything "they" say to do. I bought new shoes and it did help with the plantar fasciitis. I use a foam roller. I am told, "it's overuse" and maybe I should "rest". REST???? ughhhhhhhhhhh. NO. I am not that old dang it. I have muscle  tremors and my knees "give out" all of a sudden. THIS never happened before.

I guess I am so mad bc the testing isn't accurate, the treatment isn't  that great, and doctors here believe Lyme Disease "isn't suppose to be here". I am not mad that I have it. Really. What makes me so special? If someone can get it, why not me? At this point, I just want a CURE. It's a freaking bacteria. Why can't we kill the little sh*ts? COMPLETELY. Not a little at a time, all of them. I've done my research. I know about bio film, and all that. We can send a man to the moon but we can't kill off a freaking spirochete and keep it from crippling people or worse, killing them? We can cure cancers but not this?? Really??? Yeah. I am a LITTLE frustrated today.

Going to take a bath is Epson Salt and Essential Oils. Carry on and someone please figure out how to make our CDC tackle this and admit their wrong and have been wrong. Make them accountable and actually want to treat this disease like it should be.

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